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The Fundamentals of Managing Infrastructure

  • A Tool for our Communities: Physical infrastructure is a tool we manage for our communities to use, not an end in itself A Tool for our Communities
  • Good Infrastructure Management is Largely Invisible: what our communities need is physical infrastructure that works, that someone is taking care of without them tripping over it Good Infrastructure Management is Largely Invisible
  • Infrastructure is Complex: there are few easy decisions in physical infrastructure, which means we need all the knowledge, critical thinking and evidence we can muster Infrastructure is Complex
  • Taking Responsibility for Connection: Our communities have delegated the management to us – including the worrying about the systems, the future, and change Taking Responsibility for Connection
  • Thinking as a Steward: the assets are in no sense ours to do what we like with, or in service to our own interests Thinking as a Steward
  • Asking the Right Questions: why are we doing this, what happens next, what are we choosing not to do, who benefits? Asking the Right Questions
  • We Need Our People: We ourselves are dependent on the people who work for us also to make good use of their range of knowledge and experience We Need Our People

For the tools you need: Tools

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