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Wave 2: Strategic Asset Management

Penny always intended Asset Management to be strategic, but - as Talking Infrastructure has been documenting - many organisations spent, still spend, many years collecting basic asset information before they get on to making better decisions.

It takes people time to start being strategic about their assets. Here we are collecting useful resources for Asset Management practitioners to begin or continue their implementation of Wave 2, including a treasury of articles from Penny's SAM newsletter, From the SAM Archives, and more recent content from TI members including Building an Asset Management Team.

We are moving some useful old blogs into the TIki space - or browse the blogs directly on the Talking Infrastructure home page We are also converting other useful articles, webinars and presentation slides as TIki topics - watch this space.

It's also our plan to put together mini collections of useful articles and blogs on specific key topics, such as the Asset Management Plan.

Note on Wave 1: there are not, in our opinion, too many great resources on how to do Wave 1 efficiently - a how to on setting up a single source of truth on your asset inventory, or implementing what was once called a computerised maintenance management system, then work management, now too often called an 'Enterprise Asset Management System'. However, we aim shortly to reprint Norman Eason's book on asset information in his memory. For an interview he did with Penny for the SAM newsletter: Interview with Norman Eason

And with other friends, we're discussing a whole wiki on AM Baby Steps….

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